These are the research groups that have contributed data to ICARUS (ordered by PI last name):


Organization: Browne Lab Chamber, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA

PI(s): Eleanor Browne

Chamber(s): 1 m3 Teflon environmental chamber, illuminated with UV lights

Browne_1.png Browne_2.png


Organization: Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT), University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA USA

PI(s): David Cocker, William Carter

Chamber (s): Dual 90 m3 chambers illuminated with fluorescent UV blacklights; a 37.5 m3 indoor chamber (MEZ); a mobile 20 m3 Teflon chamber (MACh); and an oxidation flow reactor.

UCR1.png UCR2.png UCR3.png UCR4.png


Organization: Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA USA

PI(s): Neil Donahue, Coty Jen, Spyros Pandis, Albert Presto, Allen Robinson, Ryan Sullivan

Chamber(s): Quartz flow tube and associated environmental chambers

CMU1.png CMU2.png CMU3.png CMU4.png CMU5.png CMU6.png



Organization: Hildebrandt Ruiz Lab Chamber, University of Texas, Austin TX USA

PI(s): Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz

Chamber(s): 9 m3 Teflon chamber illuminated with UVA radiation



Organization: Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Research Chamber Facility, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO USA

PI(s): Jose Luis Jimenez, Paul Ziemann

Chamber(s): Two temperature control enclosures, each housing a ~20 m3 Teflon FEP chamber. Surrounded by UVA blacklights and visible wide-spectrum fluorescent lights on four walls.

CUB1.png CUB2.png CUB3.png CUB4.png


Organization: Georgia Tech Environmental Chamber Facility, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA USA

PI(s): Nga Lee Ng

Chamber(s): Dual 12 m3 Teflon chambers in a temperature controlled enclosure (4-40 oC). Illumination with UVA blacklights and natural sunshine fluorescent lights.

GIT1.png GIT2.png GIT3.png


Organization: UC Davis Environmental Chamber, University of California Davis, Davis CA USA

PI(s): Tran Nguyen

Chamber(s): 10 m3 Teflon chamber in a temperature controlled enclosure. Illumination with UVA blacklights and UVB lamps when required.

UCD1.png UCD2.png UCD3.png


Organization: UC Irvine Environmental Chamber, University of California Irvine, Davis CA USA

PI(s): Sergey Nizkorodov

Chamber(s): 5 m3 Teflon chamber illuminated with UVB lights. Pictures 2 and 3: chamber as it looked before 2022. Picture 4: the enclosure after adding the UV reflectors in 2022 

UCI1.png UCI2.png UCI3.png UCI4.png


Organization: NCAR Environmental Chambers, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO USA

PI(s): John Orlando, Geoffrey Tyndall

Chamber(s): Temperature-regulated 50-liter stainless steel chamber. 10 m3 Teflon chamber illuminated with UVA blacklights.

NCAR1.png NCAR2.png NCAR3.png NCAR4.png


Organization: Caltech Atmospheric Chambers, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA USA

PI(s): John Seinfeld, Paul Wennberg

Chamber(s): Dual 27 m3 Teflon chambers illuminated with UVA blacklights in a temperature controlled enclosure.

CIT1.png CIT2.png CIT3.png CIT4.png