Experiment: Nizkorodov Lab_20150417_Naphthalene/Nitric oxide/Ammonia_Hydroxyl radical_No Seed_80RH


Name: Nizkorodov Lab_20150417_Naphthalene/Nitric oxide/Ammonia_Hydroxyl radical_No Seed_80RH
Date: 2015-04-17

Nizkorodov Lab

Nizkorodov Chamber

Experiment Set
Naphthalene SOA for humidity, NOx, and NH3 effects

Prepare NAP SOA at 80 RH, with high NOx, and with NH3

Prepare NAP SOA at 80 RH, with high NOx, and with NH3

Experiment Details


  • Aerosol formation
Temperature: 21
Relative Humidity: 80
Seeded Experiment: No
Fuchs Adjusted Surface Area:
Condensation sink rate coefficient: 80
Reaction type:
Oxidant Name: Hydroxyl radical
Initial Oxidant Concentration Value: 6000000 (molecules_per_cubic_centimeter)
RO2 Main Fate: Not Sure
RO2 Lifetime: (Seconds)

Data Sets

ID Instrument File  
4163 SMPS 20150417_SMPS.csv

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Experiment Set Details

Name: Naphthalene SOA for humidity, NOx, and NH3 effects
Time format and units:
Prepared naphthalene SOA under high/low humidity, high/low NOx, and with/without NH3 to see how the composition changed.



Principal investigator:

Sergey Nizkorodov
E-mail: nizkorod@uci.edu

Data Manager:

Alexandra Klodt
Phone: 6419541844
E-mail: aklodt@uci.edu


Reactant Compound type Concentration Concentration units
Naphthalene (931) 200 Parts Per Billion
Nitric oxide (145068) 200 Parts Per Billion
Ammonia (222) 1 Parts Per Million

20150417_timeline.csv Timeline

Time Action
13:30 Turned on Instruments
14:20 Injected H2O2
14:25 Injected Precursor
14:30 Injected NO
14:35 Injected NH3
14:42 Turned on Lamps
17:05 Turned off Lamps
17:05 Began collecting
20:06 Stopped collecting

Light Flux Characterizations:
Particle Loss Characterizations:
Vapor Loss Characterizations:

Chamber Details

Name: Nizkorodov Chamber
Volume in cubic meters: 5.6
Shape: Rectangular Prism
Surface area in cubic meters: 20
Flow Mode: Batch
Flow through rate in liters per minute:
Body Material: Teflon
Body thickness: 8
Replacement date: 2014-06-18
Replacement frequency: As needed
Cleaning method: Flushing with air with UV lights on Oxidation
o3 background:
nox background:
Particle background in micrograms per cubic meter:
Air filtration method: FTIR purge air generator
Mixing method: 0
Mixing method material:
Temparature Control: No
Temparature measurements recorded: Yes
Temparature range (min degrees celcius): 22
Temparature range (max degrees celcius): 29
Humidity Control: Yes
Humidity Measurements Recorded: Yes
Relative humidity range (min percent): 0
Relative humidity range (max percent): 100
Particle experiment capability: 1
Lights: Yes
Light source type(s): UVB Lamps
Supplemental information:
Additional Notes: