Experiment Set: Particle wall loss experiments

Experiment Set: Particle wall loss experiments
Name: Particle wall loss experiments
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Nguyen Group


Tran's big bag of air

Experiments to characterize the effects of various chamber parameters (light, humidity, temperature, particle liquid water content, seed aerosol chemistry, and recent chamber contents) on particle wall losses in a 10 m3 Teflon-walled atmospheric chamber.


  • Kelvin H Bates

Experiments (1)

ID Name Start date Experiment Category Reaction Type Reactant(s) Oxidant Name Temperature Humidity Type of Seed RO2 Main Fate Data Sets (count) Actions
925 Nguyen Group_20220412_None_Ammonium sulfate 2022-04-12 Instrument/Chamber characterization Non-chemical - None 22 5 Ammonium sulfate Not Sure 3 Download