Instrument - Gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector

Short name:

Full name:
Gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector

What is being measured:

Sampling Protocol:



Instrument year :
None specified

Data recording software:

Data analysis software:

Raw data time resolution:
Approximately 15-16 minutes per run

Analysis data averaging:

Detection limit:
1 - 2 ppb

Sensitivity to temperature (and correction method, if applicable): :
None noted

Sensitivity to relative humidity (and correction method, if applicable): :
None noted

Sampling method:
Directly connected to chamber, gas sampling with 6 way pneumatically operated valve

Sample preparation method:

Sample residence time (chamber to instrument) (seconds):

Length of tubing (cm):

Instrument flow rate:

Tubing inner diameter:

Tubing material:
FEP Teflon

Chemical identification method:
Chemicals are identified by their retention time in the method, as calibrated by standards

Data analysis method:
Peaks are integrated manually in Chemstation

Quantification method:
Integrated peak areas are divided by a calibration factor, as determined by calibration with authentic standards

Calibration method:
For each analyte, a concentration calibration is performed by introducing a known volume of the analyte to a 100L "pillow bag" at concentrations around 20-200 ppb. Generally, a concentrated "stock" is created and diluted, and the concentration of the stock is checked with FT-IR when appropriate. Several runs at each concentration are performed to get a standard deviation.

Calibration drift estimate:
Low (on the order of weeks)

Calibration schedule:
before experiments

Uncertainty estimation method:
Uncertainties are estimated based on the errors that may occur from the dilution process of making calibration bags.

Known interferences:
ISOPOOH, IEPOX, and some IHNs decompose to form Methacrolein and MVK in the GC-FID. Cold-trapping is used when interferences are anticipated.

Link to supplemental information:
Paper that describes interferences.

Additional notes:

Measurement uncertainty:

Measurement units: