Instrument - Aerosol mass spectrometer

Short name:
AMS (as used for sulfur product characterization)

Full name:
Aerosol mass spectrometer

What is being measured:
chemical composition of sub micron aerosol particles

Sampling Protocol:



Instrument year :
None specified

Data recording software:

Data analysis software:

Raw data time resolution:
Typically 10 seconds to 1 minute

Analysis data averaging:

Detection limit:
0.003 ug m-3

Sensitivity to temperature (and correction method, if applicable): :

Sensitivity to relative humidity (and correction method, if applicable): :

Sampling method:

Sample preparation method:

Sample residence time (chamber to instrument) (seconds):

Length of tubing (cm):

Instrument flow rate:

Tubing inner diameter:

Tubing material:

Chemical identification method:
Analysis methods specific to the characterization of sulfur oxidation products are described in detail in Goss and Kroll, "Chamber studies of OH + dimethyl sulfoxide and dimethyl disulfide: insights into the dimethyl sulfide oxidation mechanism," ACP. Submitted.

Data analysis method:

Quantification method:

Calibration method:

Calibration drift estimate:

Calibration schedule:

Uncertainty estimation method:
AMS is calibrated against measurements of particle volume by an SMPS. Total uncertainty is influenced by errors in calibration, uncertainty in relative ionization efficiency values, and uncertainty in particle collection efficiency. Error is described further here:

Known interferences:

Link to supplemental information:

Additional notes:

Measurement uncertainty:
+/- 20%

Measurement units: