Light Flux Characterization #22 - 2000-01-01


Generic first floor chamber photolysis

Instrument ID:
Bomem FTIR - First Floor Chamber (#378)

NCAR First Floor Stainless Steel

Date of characterization experiment:

Months since calibration:

Measurement technique:
Chamber photolysis is typically done with a filtered broad-band Xe-arc lamp, which provides near UV radiation (290-400 nm).

Photolysis frequency of NO2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of H2O2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of O3 with max lighting [Hz]:

Total number of lights:

Light percentage on:

Light intensity:

Light source type:

Position and pattern of lights:
Xe arc lamp photolyzes along the length of the chamber.

Data collection description:
Cl2 or CH3ONO photolysis rates are determined by monitoring loss rates of VOCs in photolysis of Cl2/VOC/air or CH3ONO/VOC/NO/air mixtures. VOC data are collected every 5-10 min using FTIR, and loss rate is used to determine J(Cl2) / J(CH3ONO).

Data analysis description:
A simple box model is needed to account for OH regeneration, or loss of oxidant due to reaction with VOC oxidation products.

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Additional notes:

Characterization data file:

ID Name Start date Experiment Category Reaction Type Reactant(s) Oxidant Name Temperature Humidity Type of Seed RO2 Main Fate Data Sets (count) Actions