Chamber: Janet (Chamber 1)

Janet (Chamber 1)

Name: Janet (Chamber 1)


Volume in cubic meters: 8
Shape: Rectangular Prism
Surface area in cubic meters: 24
Flow Mode: Batch
Flow through rate in liters per minute:
Body Material: Teflon
Body thickness:
Replacement date:
Replacement frequency: As needed
Cleaning method: Flushing with air
o3 background:
nox background: 1 ppb
Particle background in micrograms per cubic meter: 10 cm-3
Air filtration method: Two Aadco 737-14 Clean air generators supply low VOC (<5 ppb), low NOx (<5 ppb) dry (RH < 1%) air
Mixing method: 1
Mixing method material: Teflon-coated fan
Temparature Control: No
Temparature measurements recorded: No
Temparature range (min degrees celcius):
Temparature range (max degrees celcius):
Humidity Control: No
Humidity Measurements Recorded: Yes
Relative humidity range (min percent):
Relative humidity range (max percent):
Particle experiment capability: 1
Lights: Yes
Light source type(s): UVA Black Lamps
Supplemental information:
Additional Notes:

Experiment Sets (7)

ID Name Description Experiments (count)
181 Catechol Reactions Catechol was reacted with OH a... 7
182 Resorcinol Identifying gas-phase and part... 6
212 Monoterpene + NO3 Monitoring the oxidation of d-... 0
235 Alcohols + OH, High NOx The effect of a hydroxyl group... 7
236 Alkyl Nitrates + OH, High NOx A systematic study was conduct... 5
237 Ketones + OH, High NOx Yields of secondary organic ae... 5
239 Intercomparisons 3 experiments were conducted t... 3

Light Flux Characterizations:
2014-12-03 (#43)
Particle Loss Characterizations:
Vapor Loss Characterizations: