Instrument - PS-200 Spectroradiometer with hemispherical cosine corrector

Short name:

Full name:
PS-200 Spectroradiometer with hemispherical cosine corrector

What is being measured:
Spectral output of chamber UV lights and their transmittance through Teflon chamber in W/m2

Sampling Protocol:

Apogee Instruments, Inc.


Instrument year :
None specified

Data recording software:

Data analysis software:

Raw data time resolution:
1 Hz

Analysis data averaging:

Detection limit:

Sensitivity to temperature (and correction method, if applicable): :
The exact sensitivity to temperature is unknown, but the software has an option known as "Temperature compensation" which is always left on for the sampling process. When this option is on, the system will periodically sample the first 30 pixels considered optically black from the detector. This sample is used as a baseline dark reference even when the detector is illuminated. When the level of this reference raises or lowers with temperature, the software adjusts the scan’s readout accordingly.

Sensitivity to relative humidity (and correction method, if applicable): :

Sampling method:

Sample preparation method:

Sample residence time (chamber to instrument) (seconds):

Length of tubing (cm):

Instrument flow rate:

Tubing inner diameter:

Tubing material:

Chemical identification method:

Data analysis method:

Quantification method:

Calibration method:
Instrument was borrowed from another group so no explicit calibration was performed, but the instrument software has built-in calibration parameters which were automatically applied.

Calibration drift estimate:
No estimate

Calibration schedule:

Uncertainty estimation method:
Value provided by instrument manufacturer at +-10%

Known interferences:

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Additional notes:
Instrument was borrowed for a few weeks from Prof. Tran Nguyen's lab at UC Davis

Measurement uncertainty:

Measurement units:

Light Flux Characterizations:
2018-07-20 (#24)