Light Flux Characterization #19 - 2013-12-16



Instrument ID:
LICOR Spectroradiometer (#354)

Seinfeld chambers

Date of characterization experiment:

Months since calibration:

Measurement technique:
The instrument measures the irradiance, which is then converted to flux

Photolysis frequency of NO2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of H2O2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of O3 with max lighting [Hz]:

Total number of lights:

Light percentage on:

Light intensity:

Light source type:
UV black lamps (350 nm centered)

Position and pattern of lights:
Lights are positioned on the long side of the chambers. There are UV-reflective aluminum all around the chamber, such that the flux in one corner is similar to the middle.

Data collection description:
Data were collected as an average of several locations in the chamber.

Data analysis description:
Averaged data in W/m2 were converted to photon flux and scaled by the H2O2 photolysis in a modeling program that uses the most up-to-date H2O2 absorption cross section.

Link to supplemental information:

Additional notes:

Characterization data file:

ID Name Start date Experiment Category Reaction Type Reactant(s) Oxidant Name Temperature Humidity Type of Seed RO2 Main Fate Data Sets (count) Actions
401 2014 FIXCIT Study_20140126_METHACROLEIN/nitrogen dioxide/methyl nitrite/methacrylic acid epoxide_Hydroxyl radical_Ammonium sulfate_Methacrolein + OH, high NO, dry, then humidify and add (NH4)2SO4 seed at end 2014-01-26 Gas phase chemical reaction, Aerosol formation Photooxidation METHACROLEIN, nitrogen dioxide, methyl nitrite, methacrylic acid epoxide Hydroxyl radical 26 5 Ammonium sulfate NO2 15 Download
407 2014 FIXCIT Study_20140124_4-hydroxy-3-nitrooxy ISOPN/Methyl nitrite/nitric oxide/_Hydroxyl radical_Ammonium sulfate_4,3-isoprene hydroxynitrate + OH, high NO, 50% RH, (NH4)2SO4 seed 2014-01-24 Gas phase chemical reaction, Aerosol formation Photooxidation 4-hydroxy-3-nitrooxy ISOPN, Methyl nitrite, nitric oxide, Aerosol Hydroxyl radical 26 52 Ammonium sulfate NO 13 Download
408 2014 FIXCIT Study_20140127_trans-beta-IEPOX/methyl nitrite_Hydroxyl radical_No Seed_Trans-beta-IEPOX + OH, moderate NO, dry, no seeds 2014-01-27 Gas phase chemical reaction Photooxidation trans-beta-IEPOX, methyl nitrite Hydroxyl radical 25 5 NO 13 Download
410 2014 FIXCIT Study_20140130_PINONALDEHYDE/Pinonic acid/Methyl nitrite_Hydroxyl radical_No Seed_Pinonaldehyde + OH, moderate NO, dry, no seeds 2014-01-30 Gas phase chemical reaction Photooxidation PINONALDEHYDE, Pinonic acid, Methyl nitrite Hydroxyl radical 26 5 NO 11 Download