Light Flux Characterization #42 - 2021-12-24


Integrated quantitative light spectrum measurement (UV, Vis)

Instrument ID:
Ocean optics spectrometer, Model USB4000 (#492)

1-White (1W)

Date of characterization experiment:

Months since calibration:

Measurement technique:

Photolysis frequency of NO2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of H2O2 with max lighting [Hz]:

Photolysis frequency of O3 with max lighting [Hz]:

Total number of lights:

Light percentage on:

Light intensity:

Light source type:
All UV or Vis. Details on light types in chamber description

Position and pattern of lights:
See chamber description

Data collection description:
Spectra were collected with the Ocean Optics (OO) spectrometer at a sampling rate of 1Hz in a fixed location mounted in the corner of the chamber enclosure pointing toward the middle of the reaction chamber bag.

Data analysis description:
The wavelength-dependent response of the Ocean Optics spectrometer was calibrated using…. [ender brief details here]. The light flux spectrum calibrated for a wavelength-dependent response was normalized to compute an absolute flux spectrum using a J_NO2 actinometry measurement to yield an average/integrated light flux for the entirety of the chamber reaction volume.

Link to supplemental information:

Additional notes:
Data file contains calibrated light spectra for all UV lights on and all Vis lights on (unit: photons s-1 cm-2 nm-1)

Characterization data file:

ID Name Start date Experiment Category Reaction Type Reactant(s) Oxidant Name Temperature Humidity Type of Seed RO2 Main Fate Data Sets (count) Actions