Experiment: Caltech Atmospheric Chamber_20131113_1,3-BUTADIENE/CYCLOHEXANE_Ozone_No Seed_Dry


Name: Caltech Atmospheric Chamber_20131113_1,3-BUTADIENE/CYCLOHEXANE_Ozone_No Seed_Dry
Date: 2013-11-13

Caltech Atmospheric Chamber

Near/Far Bag 2012-2015 (Tran)

Experiment Set
Butadiene ozonolysis

This experiment is to observe product formation from 1,3-butadiene, which should give symmetrical ozonolysis products

Saw significant CH2OO+H2O products, and acrolein formation. Different butadiene to ozone ratio than 131107 dry experiment.

Experiment Details


  • Gas phase chemical reaction
Temperature: 24
Relative Humidity: 4
Seeded Experiment: No
Fuchs Adjusted Surface Area:
Condensation sink rate coefficient: 4
Reaction type:
Oxidant Name: Ozone
Initial Oxidant Concentration Value: 773 (parts_per_billion)
RO2 Main Fate: Not Sure
RO2 Lifetime: (Seconds)
Pressure: 750 Torr

Data Set plots
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Experiment Set Details

Name: Butadiene ozonolysis
Time format and units: Experiment time (minutes, local)
Investigations into the humidity-dependent ozonolysis of butadiene to form hydroxymethylhydroperoxide (HMHP), formic acid, and other products. This set of experiments was performed to complement the isoprene ozonolysis experiments.


  • Tran Nguyen UC Davis
  • Paul Wennberg Caltech


Principal investigator:

John H Seinfeld
Phone: (626) 395-4635
E-mail: seinfeld@caltech.edu
OrcID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1344-4068

Data Manager:

Stephanie Kong
Phone: 626-395-3194
E-mail: wkong@caltech.edu


Reactant Compound type Concentration Concentration units
1,3-BUTADIENE (7845)
  • Alkene
138 Parts Per Billion
  • Alkane
50 Parts Per Million

131111_Timeline.csv Timeline

Local time (hh:mm) Action (Time zero is the time Isoprene is introduced)
10:00 Inject ozone
12:50 Inject 5.5mL of cyclohexane (approx 50 ppm)
13:12 Inject gaseous butadiene through evacuated glass bulb then inject bulb into a bag for dilution and remove 250mL of the bag to inject into chamber
20:05 Data collection stop and flush bag

Light Flux Characterizations:
Particle Loss Characterizations:
Vapor Loss Characterizations:
2016-05-11 (#10)

Chamber Details

Name: Near/Far Bag 2012-2015 (Tran)
Volume in cubic meters: 27
Shape: Rectangular Prism
Surface area in cubic meters: 41.8
Flow Mode: Batch
Flow through rate in liters per minute:
Body Material: Teflon
Body thickness: 50
Replacement date:
Replacement frequency: As needed
Cleaning method: Flushing with air
o3 background: 0.5 ppb
nox background: 0.1 ppb for Near, > 0.1 ppb for Far
Particle background in micrograms per cubic meter: < 0.1 ug/m3
Air filtration method: Custom Filter
Mixing method: 0
Mixing method material:
Temparature Control: Yes
Temparature measurements recorded: Yes
Temparature range (min degrees celcius): 20
Temparature range (max degrees celcius): 45
Humidity Control: Yes
Humidity Measurements Recorded: Yes
Relative humidity range (min percent): 5
Relative humidity range (max percent): 100
Particle experiment capability: 1
Lights: Yes
Light source type(s): UVA Black Lamps
Supplemental information: https://www.worldscientific.com/doi/abs/10.1142/9789813147355_0001
Additional Notes: